Schacht SIDEKICK Folding Spinning Wheel


The Schacht Sidekick is now available. This is the brand new portable wheel from Schacht that is turning heads. I got a chance to spin on it at TNNA and it is all that it's cracked up to be. You can tell the design was well thought through and spins really smoothly. All of the flyer mechanisms, whorls, and bobbins will interchange with other Schacht wheels which is really cool. They have a Bulky Flyer for this wheel the requires the front maiden to be changed. Schacht thought of everything on this one, spins great, reasonably priced with all the whorls, stability and quality you expect from a Schacht Wheel.

The wheel comes with two different whorls that attach to the body of the wheel.
4.25/6.25/9/12.5 to 1 Ratios
5.25/ 7.5/11.1/13.75 to 1 Ratios

Single Drive Folding Wheel

.375 inch orifice Size

24 inch wheel diameter

Ash wood

multi speed jumbo flyer-Not available



Included accessories:

3 travel bobbins, fast and medium whorls, threading hook, and adjustable carrying strap.


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