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Sheep Breed Specific Fiber

We choose quality sources from local farms and trusted companies that make up our vast selection of fibers. Here you will find a huge selection of breed specific fibers, each with their own characteristics! We carefully choose the best prepared tops, down, and carded rovings.

Whether you are looking for a coarse wool or a fine wool: for dying, spinning, weaving, and blending we have the quality wool you need for any project. If you are new to Paradise Fibers and would like some advice finding the right wool, get in touch with us! We know our wool.

Check out our Blog to learn about specific breeds including : Merino , Targhee , Icelandic , Gotland , and more! You'll also find useful information about how these breeds dye up and spin. Want to learn about Micron and Bradford counts, Roving and Sliver, and how to prep your fleece and store your fiber? Our blog is full of information and inspiration! 

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