Spinning Wheels

We love spinning and have the knowledgeable staff to answer any question you might have. They are a big investment and we know them inside and out with a huge selection from Kromski, Lendrum, Schacht and more. We make purchasing your spinning wheel easy and have even created some tips for picking the perfect spinning wheel for you at the bottom of the page. Spinning should be fun and enjoyable and making sure you get the correct one that fits you is our job. Put us to work and live chat us or give us a call, we have the experience and can help you find the perfect wheel. 1-888-320-7746

Oftentimes, spinners have specific tastes and preferences when it comes to choosing their wheel. First consider what style appeals to you, the classic looking fairy tale design or maybe the newer more efficient modern uprights? Once you know the general look of the wheel you like you can quickly narrow it down by portability. If you will be traveling to guild meetings or maybe attending workshops where you will want to bring it that is a major consideration.  Many spinners who belong to spinning guilds or organizations love to take their spinning wheels to meetings so they can work alongside fellow guild members. These spinners benefit from talking with other spinners about their techniques and sharing the projects they are working on. A spinning wheel with portability is a priority for many spinners.

Unfortunately most of the travel type designs lack something in functionality, no exceptions so make sure you will actually be traveling with it if you decide to go that route.

One of the signs of quality craftsmanship is a sturdy body. You will find many travel wheels are a bit wobbly but yes they are portable so don't be too hard on them, they are sensitive...Each wheel has it's own set of unqiue features for specific applications and there are few wheels that do everything really well.  A quality spinning wheel for sale sits solidly on a table or the floor, depending on its design and is balanced perfectly.  The only two spinning wheels we offer with precision balanced flyer systems are the Matchless and Revolution.  When you spin with a hand balanced flyer you will feel the difference immediately and it is very different than spinning with a more economical wheel using a (cookie cutter) mass produced flyer.

Ashford has been making wheels for over 80 years and is one of the major brands we sell here. They are a terrific value and parts are readily available (we stock nearly all parts for Ashford wheels).  The Ashford Traditional is one of the most popular wheels of all time and the simple economical design stands the test of time for a classic looking fairly nice overall wheel.

The Kiwi is probably the most popular for beginners just because of the price.  If your budget permits even if you are a beginner make sure you look at some of the nicer models like the Revolution or Matchless, they are terrific for beginners and your spinning experience will be incredible.  You will find our more expensive models have more precision and ease of use overall and are built more longevity and lots of yarn production.

Spinning is a relaxing activity for many individuals. Consequently, many spinners look for a wheel that will operate in a quiet way. Any wheel we offer should be quiet and we are happy to help if your wheel needs a tune up just give us a call or stop by.  Often times your wheel just needs a little oil or a tweek to the maiden or a new drive band.  We also sell kits to update and maintain the Ashford wheels.  Some poorly made or out of adjustment wheels become noisy and usually just need a little love, call or email anytime if we can help.  We actually offer free basic tune ups here at our shop. 

Many of the wheels we offer double as a piece of fine furniture like the Kromski wheels or the Schacht Reeves Saxony which is quite magnificent showpiece.  Some of our spinning wheels for sale are made of rich, dark wood while others are constructed in light-colored wood.  Spinners who want a wheel design that adds interest and beauty to their home typically look toward our saxony spinning wheels which are a more classic fairy tale design.


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