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Procion MX Reactive Dye 3oz Jar - Purples, Blues & Greens

: GK422N Indigo Blue

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PROCION MX Reactive Dye 
Designed for Cotton, Silk, Rayon, and Linen.  Wool can be dyed with the Procion MX dyes but you'll need to use something other than Soda Ash to dye it or it will damage your yarn.
Sometimes known as PRO MX, these dyes are applied at room temperature - no steaming is required. PROCION MX Fiber Reactive Dyes are designed to permanently dye cellulose fibers, plant-based fibers like cotton, linen, ramie, hemp, viscose rayon, jute, paper, wood, basket reed, and even silk at room temperature. It also dyes protein fibers (wool, silk) using acid at a boil or with steam. This is the most reactive and versatile of all dye types, with excellent wash and light fastness properties. Colors range from delicate pastels to vibrant hues and are completely inter-mixable. Two ounces (58 gm) of dye will color 14 yards (13 meters) of cotton muslin to a medium shade in a solid shade dye bath or 12 T-shirts for tie dye. PRO MX Reactive Dyes can be kept in solution (without fixative) for four to five days at room temperature.

Basic Procion MX Directions for Immersion Dyeing:


  • PRO MX Dye Powder
  • PRO Dye Activator or Soda Ash
  • Synthrapol
  • Common Salt
  • Metaphos ( water softener): optional - use if you have hard water)

1. Scour the fabric by machine washing it in Very Hot (140 Degree) water or stir in a pot on the stove with 1/2 Teaspoon of Activator or Soda Ash and 1 teaspoon of Synthrapol per pound of fabric (3 medium T-Shirts). Rinse thoroughly. This step does not add the dye fixer to the fabric, it prepares your fabric for dyeing by removing any dirt, oil or sizing.

2.  Dissolve dye Powder.  Measure the desired amount of dye powder from the chart below in 2 cups room temp water and set aside.

 Here is a general chart for achieving desired saturation using Procion MX dyes.  For each pound of dry fabric or fiber use:    
Desired Saturation Pale
Medium Dark  Black  
Dye Powder 1tsp 3 tsp 6 tsp 12 tsp
Salt 1 lb 1.5 lb 2 lb 2 lb
Dye Activator 5 Tbl 5 Tbl 7 Tbl 7 Tbl

3.  Prepare dye bath.  Measure 2.5 Gallons of room temp water for every pound of fiber or fabric into a large plastic stainless steel enamel or non-reactive metal container.  Container should be large enough for the fabric to move freely and to stir the dye bath without spilling.    

4.  Add Salt (see above chart) and 1 tsp of Metaphos (only if you have hard water) to the dye bath and stir until mixed thoroughly and dissolved.  Add dissolved dye and stir.  Add washed and damp fiber or fabric that you want to dye.  Stir continuously for 10 to 15 minutes for even results, or do not stir for mottled results.

5.  Completely dissolve Pro MX dye activator or Soda Ash (use the reference chart above) into 2 cups of warm water.  While wearing rubber gloves, remove the fabric from dye bath and pour in the dissolved Pro Dye Activator or Soda Ash.  Give it a stir and return the fabric to the dye bath.  Stir continuously for the first 5 minutes.  Then, give it a stir every 5 minutes for the next 60 minutes.  This will ensure maximum penetration from your dye and achieve the proper color shading.

Tip:  For even dye results make sure to stir constantly for the first 30 minutes of the dye bath.

Tip:  To achieve a Deep Black shade with Procion MX, extend dyeing time to 90 minutes after adding your Activator or Soda Ash.

6.  Rinse and Wash.  After 60 Minutes (90 minutes for black), dyeing is complete.  Remove fabric from the dye bucket and pour the exhausted dye bath down your drain.  Rinse fabric thoroughly in a bucket of room temperature water.  Change the rinse water 3-4 times.  Then wash in Hot water adding a half teaspoon of Synthrapol per pound of fabric.  Rinse well and dry.  Dark colors might need a second Hot Synthrapol rinse. When the rinse water is clear you know the dye is finished rinsing and is set properly.

Note:  Dye baths cannot be stored or reused after you have added Activator or Soda Ash.

Note:  If you are getting blotchy inconsistent dyeing results make sure to dissolve your Procion dye powder completely.  Strain through a cheesecloth or other soft strainer if necessary to remove any little bits if it becomes a problem.  Dyes are made from various extracts and behave differently.

Note:  Make sure to use Non-iodized salt for a purist approach.