Natural Dyes

The many different types of Earthues dyes we carry in our shop are carefully tested to ensure quality and successful results. In most cases, they have visited the areas and facilities where their dye is made, and know the producers personally. Each purchase you make helps support a villager, a grower, a cooperative, and a traditional way of making color. We carry a full line in our shop of raw materials for certain dyes, especially flowers for robust yellows and bronzes to be over-dyed to make good greens, and a full line of red dyes. From Extracts to Raw Materials to Mordants and Assists, even helpful books! We love Earthues!

Earthues is a fair-trade, woman-owned business, working in partnership with artisans to fulfill their dreams! Their path is to travel far and wide, teaching and learning about natural dyes and sustainable, eco-methods for creating beautiful colors.

Check out our collection of books on dyeing to help assist you in your journey of natural dyeing! We stock The Natural Dye Instructional Booklet from Earthues as well. Helpful information packed into a travel size book! 

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