NORO Rainbow Roll Rovings


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Every Fiber enthusiast can find a project in these new versatile Rainbow Rolls from Noro! We've given them their very own cute SUSHI inspired names, as they look like delicious rolls of sushi. Although we don't recommend eating these vibrantly colored self striping rolls. We do, however, recommend using these 100% wool prepared in a pencil roving for any and all Felting projects, Spinning your very own NORO yarn, Weaving them into colorful pattern works, or knitting and/or Crocheting them as is! These rainbow rolls aren't spun and isn't yarn yet, it can be used carefully for knitting but may break very easily. There are techniques that can be used to piece it back together by overlapping the two ends and working them through for a few stitches. The possibilities are endless with these Vibrant Gorgeous squishy rolls! 

Product Information

Care: Dry Clean

Weight: 100grams

Yardage: 295

Gauge: Pencil Roving 



Type: Yarn

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