LeClerc Bergere 24" Rigid Heddle Loom


A small table loom for introducing hand-weaving. This loom can make beautiful material with matched colours and assorted yarns in the weft. It weaves plain weave fabrics. With a pick-up stick, it is also possible to make many different designs in your weaving. The loom can also be used to do small tapestries or wall hangings.It is equipped with a rigid heddle and 2 beams. The beams allow the warping and weaving of many yards of material, up to 24" (60cm) wide. When the warp threads are inserted in the holes and slots of the rigid heddle the action of raising and lowering the heddle gives a good shed to throw the flat shuttle. The beating can be done with the plastic rigid heddle or with the edge of the flat shuttle. This loom is not a toy. It is a real beginner's loom, and is ideal for youngsters who want to learn weaving. The imagination and creativity shown by youngsters in designing with various colors and textures of weft is amazing.

Type: Table Looms

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