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Qiviut yarn is the warmest wool we carry, it is awesome for thin garments where you want the warmest fiber possible. Yes, Qiviuk yarn is a little expensive but one ball of Qiviuk yarn will create an entire scarf, capelet or other knitting project where lace yarn is required.

Product Information

Fiber Content- 100% Qiviut Yardage- Approx 218 yards per 28 gram ball Gauge varies depending on project

Background Information

Qiviuk is sometimes also known as Qiviut, Qiviuk is actually a name that Jacques Cartier uses just to clarify and yes it is the same wonderfully magical beast. Jacques Cartier Qiviuk Yarn is truly a luxury fiber and ultra soft yarn. Qiviuk yarn and Qiviut, fiber in general, has been sought after for centuries for it's softness and magical warmth. These shaggy behemoths walked across the Bering Land Bridge during the last Ice Age and managed to survive an era that most animals did not. The muskox now live exclusively in the Canadian Arctic, Alaska and Greenland. The global population is estimated at about 180,000. Qiviut is valued because unlike sheep's wool, it will not shrink in water at any temperature. Qiviut is stronger and eight times warmer than sheep's wool! It's also softer than cashmere! Qiviut retains warmth even when wet but is breathable during warmer weather. One skein of Qiviut is enough for a gorgeous lace scarf or cowl.

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We also have Qiviut spinning fiber when in season, this is also very expensive and rare but oh so magical with it's heritage, softness and exotic warmth.

Type: Yarn

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Audrey S.
United States

Loved the Musk Yak Yarn

The yarn is wonderful, the feel is exquisit. There is nothing like it.

Susan York
United States

Simply the best yarn

Very pricey, but worth the expense for those special items. I tend to have sensitive skin, especially my neck and face. This is the only yarn I can wear that will absolutely NOT cause a problem.

Joyce Lowder
United States

Oh so soft

I have not used it, but am enjoying the feel of it. Thanks.

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