Ashland Bay Cultivated Silk Noil

Ashland Bay

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Silk Noils are just one of the many forms of silk and silk blends offered by Paradise Fibers. This is a by-product of the combing process of silk fiber. Silk Noils are short fibers with bits of pupa. Noils are easy and fun to dye. When blended into wool, they create a textured yarn with flecks of the dyed colors. Silk Noils can also be used in paper-making with stunning results! Spin this fiber as is to make a unique textured, sort of bumpy, yarn that is tweed-ish in appearance and soft and silky in hand. This fiber is a joy to work with for all fiber enthusiasts. Naturally colored, produced from silk worms in captivity that were fed only mulberry leaves. This fiber can be cleaned of all vegetable matter in minutes and fluffed to create mulberry silk clouds which can then be dyed and used in batts, felting projects, or spun as is. Treat yourself to this beautiful natural fiber, you'll be hooked! Available in 4oz Bundles. 

Type: Fiber

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