Ashford Accelerated Charka


Quill spindle spinning - high ratio 80:1 - accelerated head - very portable - spin from a point Compact and light weight it is a great traveling spinning contraption. The accelerated counter shaft gives a very high ratio of 80:1 ideal for spinning fine short fibers such as cotton, silk, angora or fine wool. When driving the spindle directly the ratio is 16:1 ideal for spinning medium length fibers. The 23cm (9ins) wheel can be assembled with the crank handle on either the left or right hand side. It is light and smooth to turn as the wheel, spindle and counter shaft all rotate on ball bearings. The spindle is tapered, made from 4mm (5/32in) stainless steel and holds a large amount of spun singles. It can also be used as a bobbin winder. The spindle can be rotated sideways for safe storage and transportation. The drive belt is long lasting stretchy polycord. This upright Charkha has non-slip rubber feet, convenient for tabletop spinning and is pre-finished with Danish oil. Wheel diameter 23cm / 9inch Ratios 16, 80 Weight 2.4kg (5.25lbs)

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