Artfelt is a felting technique that combines certain aspects of needle felting, wet felting, and fulling with a new patented paper developed to ease and speed up the felting process. Appropriately named “Artfelt® Paper”, this paper allows you to create a felted material that can be thick or thin, precise or abstract, and it can all be accomplished with very little experience and in a minimal amount of time. 

Supplies • Artfelt® Paper - The heart of the artfelt® technique is the artfelt® Paper. You will need this each time you artfelt®. The paper is available in various sizes: scarf and shawl combos (appropriately sized for these projects); sheets that are approximately 5’ x 10’; and you can purchase the paper by the yard (approximately 60” wide). As a rule of thumb, the higher quality roving you begin with, the higher quality felt you will create.

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