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The "Revolution" is here! The Revolution Spinning Wheel is a high end Production Spinning Wheel capable of everyday spinning and much more. 

Standard Wheel Includes:

Paradise Fibers Spinning Wheel with Standard Ratios: 6.5,8.5 & 13:1

3 Standard Bobbins, Drive Bands, Orifice Hook and Revolution Tips/Setup DVD

Standard Bobbin Dimensions: 5" by 3 1/4". Core is 7/8"  diameter.

Footprint: 20" by 16"

Complimentary Fiber Bundle

The Revolution

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Our Paradise Fibers Production Spinning Wheel is called the "Revolution" for many reasons. It was designed for the beginner as well as the advanced spinner. We combined the best features of our most popular wheels and added even more! A spinning wheel should do most of the work for you and this is exactly what our design delivers. There are a few wheels on the market that refer to production. The Revolution was designed to make yarn and lots of it. It's perfect for spinners that need a dependable tool that can spin yarn effortlessly and fast

Anybody who "knows" Paradise Fibers Fiber tools, will tell you they are beautifully built, paying attention to details and durability.

The Revolution spins any way you like including: Single Drive(Scotch Tension), Double Drive and Bobbin Led with the Jumbo Flyer setup.

Make sure you watch our videos on youtube about the Revolution, you have to see this wheel in action to believe it.

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