Paradise Fibers Milk Protein Fiber (4 oz bag)

Paradise Fibers

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This is a relatively new fiber. This fiber is white in appearance and soft. It has silk-like properties

New Milk Protein Fiber! Soft and stronger than most wool, best fiber we carry for sensitive skin! Great for blending with your favorite fibers for adding strength. Try 50/45/5 Wool/Milk Top/Nylon blend for socks or hats or 100% Milk for a chic pair of the most comfortable underwear ever suitable for yes, a sheik!

Note: the anti-bacterial properties of the Milk Protein Fiber will wick moisture away from the body, great for socks and undergarments! Milk Fiber advantages: Superior in strength to wool! Contains 17 amino acids and natural anti-bacterial properties...hint hint..socks... Same ph as human skin (great for sensitive skin!) Milk Fiber is enviro-friendly and is considered a "green" product. Dyeing stuff for milk fiber is reactive, acid or cationic dyes. Milk fiber is made from milk casein, instead of fresh milk. Milk fiber has been around for a long time sometimes known as ARALAC, LANATIL, and MERINOVA. Milk fiber has been improved much since the 1930's when it was introduced in its raw form and is re-emerging as a man-made product that is much superior product to wool. Call anytime for more information on this fun fiber!

Type: Fiber

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