Paradise Fibers Custom Blend- Quartz Rose


Paradise Fibers Merino/ Rose/ Faux Cashmere/ Bamboo/ Tencel Blend- Quartz Rose. This magical dreamy blend of some of our favorite fibers was created especially for our fiber club members. Within this silky, lofty, and soft blend is 50% 23 Micron 64 count Merino Wool dyed Lavender and Candy Floss, 13% Undyed Rose Fiber ( From the Stalks of Roses), 12% White Tencel Top, 12% dyed Bamboo, and 12% Faux Cashmere ( Nylon Stretched Super Thin). We are very excited to share with you all this custom blend. Rachel and I were so inspired by the Pantone Colors of this year that we just couldn't wait to make a custom fiber blend to showcase the beautiful colors Pantone chose for the year 2016. This blend is inspired by the color Rose Quartz, If you've ever picked up a Rose Quartz stone and looked at it in the light you would see light glistening and shimmering through the cracks of marbled and speckled pink and smokey white. We believe we achieved the same affect with this limited time blend. This blend is eco friendly, lustrous, durable, easy to draft and spin, with next to skin heavenly softness, slight drapability, and durability for years to come. Excellent for a shawl or sweater, mitts or hats, or any knitting project where wool is required. 

Please Note- This blend is blended a bit more than the fiber club blend sent out. Think of it as a different "dye lot" please take into consideration if continuing a project made from the blend sent out in fiber club. This blend has the same percentages of fibers just blended a little more. 

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