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New and Improved Quartz Rose Micro Blend with actual Rose Fiber Blended into the carded roving. Inspired by the Pantone Colors of the year 2016 and Rose Quartz Crystals. *This new and improved blend does not have the Tencel and lavender merino fiber blended into it.

Quartz Rose 2.0  consists of a Lofty and SUPERSOFT micro-blend of:

  • 38% Superfine 18.5 mic Merino in the color Candy Floss Pink
  • 25% Rose Fiber (from actual roses)
  • 25% Bamboo Top in the color Pink
  • 13% Faux Cashmere (nylon stretched super thin to mimic cashmere) 

The fiber content of this dreamy blend makes it such a joy to spin. The fluffy soft texture, the way the light gleams off the rose and bamboo fibers, and the airy almost weightless qualities make Quartz Rose a must try to spin! Providing a durable yarn with drape and a silky smooth finish with a slight halo. The contrast of the pink bamboo against the silky white rose fiber, the starch white faux cashmere, and the nearly pastel pink superfine merino creates a ready to spin fiber. This fiber would be gorgeous in a woven project, or even blended with other fibers. Create to your hearts desire. 

Inspired by our Quartz Rose Micro-Blend? You can make your own blend just like this. All you need is Rose Fiber, Bamboo, and Merino. Of course you can really create something special with any of the fibers we offer in our spinning fiber section. All you need is your favorite fibers and a blending board or drum carder to get started. 

Type: Fiber

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