Knitting & Crochet Accessories

If you want to do any job right you need the right tools, which is why Paradise Fibers offers a great selection of crochet and knitting tools and accessories. For those of us that love to knit or crochet, we know that half the fun is trying out all of the new crochet and knitting accessories out there. We have things that will make your knitting or crocheting easier or just a little more fun. From the very best in knitting and crochet needles and needle cases to project containers and from notions like eye catching stitch markers and cute tape measurers to all types of scissors, Paradise Fabrics carries all of the knitting and crochet supplies you will ever need!

We carry the best brand names in crochet and knitting tools and accessories. Names like Clover, KA, Knitter’s Pride, Hadakai and more! You are sure to find all the crochet and knitting accessories you are looking for at Paradise Fibers. Even if you need those hard to find knitting or crochet accessories and do not see it on our site, we can help you. We are passionate about knitting and crocheting and are eager to find just what you are seeking. Our goal is make sure you are satisfied and make your crocheting and knitting a pleasure. Unless, of course you are talking about heirloom knitting, because as Stephanie Pearl-McPhee says in her book "Heirloom is knitting code for ‘This pattern is so difficult that you would consider death a relief.’”

Contact or call us anytime so that we can help you find the perfect crochet or knitting tools or accessories. Our dedicated team is here to ensure you get the highest quality products for your next project. As a family owned and operated business, we at Paradise Fibers take pride in finding you exactly what you need or providing you with the answer to any of your crochet and knitting tools and accessories questions to be sure you leave as a satisfied customer. We are continually expanding our line of products so if you have any feedback for us, we would love to hear it. Be sure to visit us anytime at our store in Spokane.

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