New Yarn Ball Winder


Yarn Ball Winder - No More tangled messes of yarn! This is the best knitting accessory I own. Well aside from my knitting needles. We scoured the market for a ball winder that would perform as well as the royal winder. Since the royal is no longer available we were thrilled to find this gem. Its practically identical to the Royal winder except the crank handle is made from metal instead of plastic so it won't break. This winder is built to last and it does a great job winding skeins. The clamp is also extra long so it will clip onto wider table tops than the royal used to. 

This yarn ball winder is super convenient, just clamp it to the table and you are ready to wind a ball of knitting yarn. It makes a nice center pull cake that does not roll around the floor while you knit. 

If your hubby is getting tired of holding your skeins while you wind you can check out our yarn swifts as well. They all work well but here at the shop we have been very impressed with the Beka Swift as well as our new Paradise Fibers Super Swift II which is what we use here at the shop for everyday winding. It is lightweight, economical and very functional.

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