Mountain Meadow Domestic Cormo Wool Roving- 4 oz. Bundle


Mountain Meadow Wool is a spinning mill set below the Big Horn Mountains on the western plains of Wyoming. It is a family operated mill dedicated to supporting local ranchers and raising awareness about ranching culture in the American West. Mountain Meadow is committed to revitalizing the American Wool industry through Eco-friendly operations.

The clean, cool, and dry climate in Wyoming creates naturally fine, soft, and silky mountain merino wool. This mountain merino wool is below 22 microns and comes from well cared for Cormo Sheep. The ranchers are committed to sound animal husbandry and sustainable agricultural practices. The sheep are handled with care and raised the way nature intended: on lush pastures, with plenty clear, clean water. This dedication to the land and the lambs they produce guarantees that the fiber is among the purest in the world.  To maintain the beauty of the natural fiber, Mountain Meadow uses environmentally friendly cleaners and vegetable based spinning oil. Eco-friendly manufacturing practices help the wool retain its natural lanolin, resulting in luxurious yarns that have a soft and natural connection to the land. Mountain Meadow Wool is committed to building a company with respect for nature, ethics, and sustainability.

Paradise Fibers is thrilled to offer this fiber to our valued customers. Experience the luxury of Cormo Wool. This is US grown and processed Cormo wool from Pheasant Family's 9 Mile Ranch in Kaycee, Wyoming.  It's carded not combed for a more rustic wool.

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