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The Sharp steel set is the same as the original with a longer sharper tip. This needle is fabulous for lace knitting or anything where you might need to go back and pick up stitches.

These needle sets are very high quality and made to last a lifetime. There are many thoughtful features that the hiyahiya interchangeable needles have such as the ability to swivel on the cord. No more worrying about your interchangeables coming unscrewed. These cords have a metal end which swivels freely as you knit so there is little opportunity for the screws to come undone. The Panda stoppers are a must have for these needles. The high quality cords are extremely durable however if you are like me you might have a few projects on needles at once. The panda stoppers will allow you to put a project on a cord and take the needle tips off to use somewhere else. The cords for these sets are very reasonably priced so you can afford to buy a few extras for project that are on hold. You will want to decide first which needle sizes you will want in your set. HiyaHiya offers a Small size set which includes needle sizes 2-8US while the Large size set comes with needle sizes 9-15 US or you can go all in with these excellent needles and take advantage of getting 10% off when you purchase the Complete set all at once. The complete set includes two silk needle cases and all the needle sizes from 2-15. The HiyaHiya sets come in two needle tip lengths, 4 inch and 5 inch. The cord length is given based on the needle tip length so if you want a 16 inch circular for a hat you would need the 16 inch cord with a set of 4 inch tips. If you have the 5 inch tips the 16 inch cord will give you a needle length of 18 inches measuring tip to tip. Once you pick your favorite needle tip length you will need to choose style. The standard steel interchangeable set has everything you love about a metal knitting needle. The join is smooth and the connection is undetectable when the cable is screwed in tightly. The Sharp steel set is the same as the original with a longer sharper tip. This needle is fabulous for lace knitting or anything where you might need to go back and pick up stitches. Lastly we have the Bamboo needle tips. These tips are great for the new knitter or the knitter who likes the warmer feel of wood while knitting. I find that bamboo grips the yarn just a tad bit more than the steel and so it is a great choice for someone who knits a little slower or has trouble with dropping stitches.

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Amy Hulen
San Francisco, CA

Love these needles

Great needles with a nice finish and smooth joins. I've tried multiple brands of interchangeables and finally settled on Hiya Hiya's because I enjoy the smooth joins and the fact that the cables "spin" so I never feel like I have to untangle them while working on my projects. Not a huge fan of the needle cases but that was easily replaced with another interchange case from a different brand.

margaret b.
United States

Brown sheep yarn

love it so much. sad I didn't buy more. made a beautiful sweater and it looks awesome

Julie T.
United States

Neutral waiting on correct product to be delivered.

Don't have the ordered item yet.

Jennifer Stoyenoff
United States

Love the sharpness, and love

Love the sharpness, and love that they go down to a size 2, which is not as common in interchangeables.

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