Down Breed Wool Batts

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Great for Felting and quilt making! Natural white/ecru color. Each Batt is approximately 3.3lbs

A Batt is a carded form of fiber, much like a giant rolag for spinners. They look like a rolled length of fiber when laid out, almost resemble a thick inter lining, or wadding. The fibers are slightly crisscrossed aiding in the felting or spinning process. The wool is washed, scoured and sorted and ran through a mill. These Batts are a great medium to experiment with color and texture in both spinning and felt making. 

This is an excellent product to use in Needlefelting jewelry, figures, tapestries, etc...

This is also an excellent product to use in wet felting to make a seamless bag or garment. 

Commonly used to make quilts or use as insulation or filling. 

 These Batts are 100% Down Breed wool and are blended beautifully for your craft needs. An excellent wool for felting projects to use as filler and base. Dyes beautifully. Little vegetation. Each batt weighs approximately 3.3 LBS.  

Type: Fiber

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