Ashford Traditional Spinning Wheel


Start your creative journey with this popular wheel from Ashford. This wheel is straight forward traditional design and is a fantastic starter wheel in a classic design. This Ashford wheel is available in Double Drive or Single Drive models depending on your preference and budget. It isn't a great choice for hauling around to guild meetings as it isn't that portable from our experience here at the shop and is best left setup and stationary for best performance. The action is smooth for the price range and will last for years. Any of our double drive wheels can be used in single drive so if you're on the fence about double or single drive...get the double drive. It's not that much more expensive and it's totally worth it and of course you can use it in single drive if and when you want to.

New to spinning? Our 64 count, undyed, 23 Micron Merino Wool is a great wool to start out with. Also great for beginning is our Blue Faced Leicester Roving. This roving is buttery soft like the merino with a little more crimp in the individual fibers and a much longer staple length. Making drafting and spinning a breeze! 

Weight in lbs 17.5
Spinning Ratios 6.5:1, 12.5:1, 17.5:1
Spinning Wheel Style Saxony
Multi Speed Jumbo Flyer Not Available
High Speed Flyer Option Available not included
Portability Not Portable
Included Accessories Lazy Kate, 4 standard bobbins, Threading hook, Learn to spin booklet.
Jumbo Flyer Option Available not included
Treadle Single Treadle
Brand Ashford

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