Lendrum DTC Folding Spinning Wheel- Complete Double Treadle


This wheel folds flat for storage in less than a minute, and it will fit in a large suitcase! It is a castle-type wheel with Scotch tension and a unique angled design that makes treadling a breeze and allows to see your yarn as you spin. The regular flyer has drive ratios of 6, 8, and 10:1, while the fast flyer has ratios of 12, 15, and 17:1. The basic wheel includes the regular flyer, 4 bobbins, a lazy kate, and a threading hook. The COMPLETE kit adds the fast flyer and an extra large plying head and bobbin with ratios of 5, 7, and 9:1. QUESTIONS and ANSWERS: Hi! I purchased a Lendrum DT Complete several weeks ago... my first wheel! My question - is the bobbin supposed to spin with the flyer when spinning? Great question, the Lendrum wheel operates with the use of scotch tension. This means the bobbin is slowed by a string or brake band that is applied over the bobbin. The tension on the bobbin slows it down and will determine how hard the flyer pulls the yarn in to the bobbin and will directly relate to how much twist you're putting on the yarn. Too much twist in your yarn? You'll want to tighten up the brake band/tension a bit and also try pedaling slower and drafting faster. When your yarn is over twisted it will sometimes actually snap before it goes onto the bobbin or double up over itself creating some knotty looking twisted tight bumps before it goes through the orifice, not good. Too little twist in your yarn, yarn is slipping away? Yarn is only strong if it is twisted, make sure that you have enough twist by decreasing the tension on the bobbin by loosening the brake band. With too little twist you'll find the yarn slipping away from you and you'll be re threading and starting over which is very frustrating. You'll want to feed the yarn slower to the bobbin from your hands allowing it to twist more before you send it to the bobbin. Between the tension you put on the bobbin and the rate at which you feed the yarn from your hands toward the bobbin you can get your twist right generally.

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