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Paradise Fibers

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Mini Carder or Blending Brush. This is a great tool for pushing fibers
into your Blending Board or Drum Carder. Also a great tool for flicking open
locks when hand carding. With the teeth one way you're forcing the fiber into
the blending board or drum carder. (away from you). The beauty of this action
is that you can press your fibers exactly where you placed them on your
blending board or drum carder. With the teeth the other way (towards you), it
has a carding effect. The teeth being towards you is basically carding.
We're offering this tool in two handle lengths and for great reason.
Through our research, We found out some would like a longer handle for the
ease of use it provides. Some may not be able to hold a shorter handle. the
Shorter handle used for more precise work. Both have great rocking motion,
although the shorter handle makes this task much easier.
Would work great for fiber artists of all skill levels.


Made out of Solid Maple The overall size is 2 1/4" by 2 3/4" and the
handle is exposed 2 1/4" for the short handled one and 4 1/4" on the longer.

The tines on these are a little stiffer than our blending boards.
As you can see we're offering them with many different teeth per inch TPI.


These Mini Carders or Brushes go Perfectly with The Paradise Fibers Blending Board

Anybody who "knows" about Paradise Fibers, Fiber tools will tell you they are
beautifully built, paying attention to details and durability.

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