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Rigid Heddle Looms

Choosing your first loom can be confusing but we make it easy. Choose one of our starter packages or watch our video on how to choose a rigid heddle loom starring Kyle from the shop. He is our in house rigid heddle weaving instructor and knows our rigid heddle looms inside and out. Check out the video here for a quick rundown on all of our rigid heddle looms and which one will fit your needs. Call the shop anytime, we are happy to help 1-888-320-7746.

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Rigid Heddle Looms

For those just learning the art of weaving, a rigid heddle loom, makes an excellent choice. The loom is the most important aspect of weaving, as it is the machine or device used to hold the warp threads in place. These looms are recommended for those new to the craft as it is formed in one piece and can easily be operated by hand. Other loom types include table and floor looms. Rigid heddle weaving projects are easy to follow and help those new to the craft build the skills needed to advance to more complicated looms. The heddle is a core part of the weaving experience as it is the portion of the loom where the warp threads are wrapped. The heddle ensures that the warp yarns and threads are kept secure and separate from the weft. They vary from others due to the fact that they are fixed in a single shaft.

These looms are often easier for those new to the craft to work with because the design allows greater freedom of movement. In addition, those who engage in rigid heddle weaving can create numerous products, including fabric that can be later used to create clothing, garments, and household items. Those who learn rigid heddle weaving will find they can use their skills on more advanced looms when they are ready to progress. As the heddle holds as many warp threads as will be in your project, these are a good choice for crafters making smaller items. Those new to weaving often find the rigid heddle is the perfect choice for not only learning and practicing the craft, but for making beautiful garments and other projects as well.

Rigid heddle looms are versatile, easy to work with, and mobile. Additionally, weavers may place the loom on a stand, table, or place them on laps for greater flexibility. There are different types available, such as the Ashford looms are known for their affordability. The Ashford rigid heddle loom is available in various widths and often has a variety of accessories available. For those new to weaving who want to ensure they understand the basics of the craft, an Ashford brand loom is an excellent choice.

Those choosing a loom may find that selecting additional accessories is a wise idea. Many crafters select extra heddles for their looms in varying widths. As each rigid heddle will create fabric according to its size, the additional accessories make sense. For those who want to ensure they can create a variety of projects with their rigid heddle, accessories are an important option to consider.

Those new to using a heddle loom will find there are many patterns and projects available to choose. You can find heddle loom kits that are the perfect introduction to the craft. Those who are familiar with other fiber crafts but have never tried their hand at weaving often find a heddle loom the best way to begin. Rigid heddle looms are a wonderful addition to every weavers collection of tools.