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Paradise Fibers is your one stop shop for knitting needles, crochet supplies and hooks. We carry everything from the famous Addi Turbos knitting needles and Addi Click sets to exotic Lantern Moon Needles, Crochet Hooks and Hiya Hiya. Need stitch markers or a needle case for your Crochet Hooks or needles? You'll find all the best knitting needle brands at competitive prices on our site or locally in our wool shop in Spokane with same day shipping. Our knitting and crochet supplies are organized by category (on the left) or use our search function at the top if you can't find what you're looking for.

If you are just learning how to weave and you don’t want to spend too much money? Rigid heddle looms are a great way to go. Rigid heddle looms are equal to a 2-harness loom and let you weave light work like beautiful scarves, whimsical place mats, colorful dishtowels, warm shawls or other fabric for clothing. What’s more is the skills and techniques you gain when learning to use a rigid heddle loom apply to other varieties of looms, including floor and table looms. Since rigid heddle looms are lower in cost compared to much larger looms, it is a great way to discover how fun weaving can be without a large investment in weaving supplies. In addition to our weaving looms, we carry all of the weaving accessories you will need. We have you covered from bobbins, shuttles, reeds and yarn to warping boards and loom stands. Check out all of our weaving tools and accessories under our weaving section, if you can’t find what you need make sure to call us, we probably have it 1-888-320-7746.