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Just who is Paradise Fibers?

We're located at 225 W Indiana, Spokane WA  99205  (You won't believe how fast your order will ship! 3 Day Delivery to nearly every state!)  Call us if you need us 1-888-320-7746

Hours: Monday-Saturday 9am-5pm, Sunday 10am-4pm Pacific Standard Time.

We are family owned and operated and our 10,000 square foot shop is located in Spokane, WA.  Our farm located just Paradise Fibers Farm Spokaneoutside of town with our 50 head of furry friends. "Dad" (below) is our in house wheel tech and designer, and he is working on a custom Paradise Fibers Wheel due out this Winter!

The shop is "manned" daily by Travis (me), "Dad" who is our kooBill Romine holding a chickenkie and wonderful product designer and wheel repair wizard and the beautiful and talented knitter, Sara and yes, we pretty much live here 6 days a week! "Mom" is out at the farm these ardays taking care of little Willie Jed and spoiling our spinners flock with treats like...leftover homemade gourmet bread she makes fresh daily! And yes, she actually grinds her own wheat!

We now have a few extra helpers that are not necessarily family by blood but are considered family: including Kyle our shipping guy/Volunteer Fireman, Nick "Rain Man" Sanders our official computer nerd, Chantel Black and Amy Kenagy who teach as well as help out with fiber arts tech support in the shop.  We have three brothers Nathaniel, Aaron and Micah who rock the shipping department along with Jim Jim who's not related, but might as well be.  You may be saying to yourself there are quite a fewTravis bringing in a box of knitting yarn...guys working there...It's true and stranger yet...most of them either knit, spin or weave!

I was recently taking a phone order and was surprised when the person on the other end of line couldn't believe she was not only talking to someone in the actual yarn store within arm's reach of what she wanted to purchase but also...one of the owners. She figured since we had a nice website that we were a huge corporation, etc...nope, just a small family business with awesome fiberarts supplies.  However;  we certainly appreciated the compliment on our site, we're constantly working hard to make it more user friendly and fun to use.

Our main goal is to provide fiber arts supplies at reasonable prices and most importantly to treat all of our customers and employees like family. It's also important to note what makes us different than the multitude of other "mail order" shops on the internet.
  • 1. We have a 26,000 square foot brick and mortar shop you can visit and shop in!
  • 2. We offer classes weekly to promote fiber arts and continue share fiber arts knowledge.
  • 3. We work with local farms to support domestic wool production.
  • 4. We make awesome tools! "Dad" here at the shop is constantly developing innovative products for the fiber arts community like our famous SUPER SWIFT.
  • 5. When you call us you can get specialized help with anything from knitting, weaving, spinning, dyeing, felting and more 7 days a week!
Our wild new location! An old brownie bakery!
Paradise Fibers Yarn Store Picture Yes we're finally at 225 W. Indiana! We moved officially November of 2010 into our new location after getting pushed out of our old warehouse by our landlords. The new shop is much easier to find, bigger and we have...much better neighbors now...all you local customers know what I mean...

Our new shop was originally built as a horse livery for the WSU Veterinary Program back in 1909 and later was the Brownie Baking Company that produced cookies for the young woman's Brownie Troops regionally and nationally. Sanding the floors at Paradise Fibers during renovation The giant wood fired baking oven has been preserved for viewing but unfortunately it is sadly non-functional.  The building has wood floors throughout and features entirely brick construction complete with huge cobblestone basement!

Our crew here at the shop has worked tirelessly renovating the space and it's really been a labor of love as we get to experience the improvements daily.  The first couple of months of construction our entire crew pitched in to help sand the hardwood floors...all 10,000 square feet, wow!  We also took out a loan that was able to cover sandblasting the brick on the main floor, mezzanine spinning room level & upstairs ballroom area.  Our new shop actually has windows and we updated/replaced about 60 of the windows on all 3 floors!

We have completed our classroom on the second floor finally! We even built in a fireplace and multimedia station to make it cozy and worthy of many different types of classes. Our contractor friend Rob and brother Jace Romine have done wonders with the new construction using reclaimed wood and other classic textures to bring the building back to its original grandeur.
Bill & Laurel Romine (Mom and Dad) run the Romine Family farm and the store is run by Travis, Sara, and the "extended" Paradise Fibers family including Kyle, Nathaniel, Aaron, Micah, Jim Jim and Megan our bookkeeper.  Bill & Laurel live on the farm just south of Spokane, WA with all the furry animals.  They raise a variety of sheep including: Icelandic, JacobSara on the Paradise Fibers yarn floor, Coop-worth/Columbia, and Shetland Sheep. Our flock is a "spinners flock" with a variety of fleece's, textures, colors and unique character. We also have a very polite "shepherd" Llama that protects the herd from predators and things that howl in the night. Everything you see in the "Fleece From My Flock" section is from our animals and raised on The Romine Family Farm.  This fiber is few and far between but it will be increasing in the future as resources become available.
The Romine Family takes great pride in selecting the finest fibers available from the U.S. and around the world for you! Our mission is to work with high quality eco-friendly suppliers and farms and support and promote fiber arts. We use local farms whenever possible and are working to start more co-op farming projects here in the US in the coming year.  If you have over 100 animals with soft desirable fleeces make sure to contact us, we love to support US farms. 

You are welcome to shop our new brick and mortar shop at 225 W Indiana, Monday through Saturday 9-5pm, Sunday 10-4.  All orders placed on the website are typically shipped within 24hrs and many go out the same day. We understand when you place your order that you want your supplies ASAP and do everything we can to alert you if something is back ordered of delayed.
The Paradise Fibers commitment:
  • To provide fiber artists with the best products at reasonable prices.
  • To provide the information and service our customers need to accomplish their goals
  • To promote and preserve the crafts of hand spinning, knitting, and weaving
  • To support fiber arts traditions here and around the world through donations and contributions to fiber festivals, native artisans, and museums
We pledge a percentage of each year's profit to maintaining fiberarts traditions. This year we'll be donating a sheep through Heifer International, which provides animals as well as other sustainable gifts to those in need around the world. We have also provided a spinning wheel for women in India and facilitated a large donation of knitting needles for women in Ecuador. Interested in helping? Email us at sales@paradisefibers.com.

We appreciate you choosing Paradise Fibers for your fiber arts supplies and encourage you to call us anytime with questions or suggestions you might have.  When you buy from Paradise you are supporting a family owned and operated shop that promotes fiber arts through classes, videos, donations and sponsoring local events. Thanks for visiting the site and always remember if you can't find it on the site, just call, we probably have it. 1-888-320-SPIN
The Paradise Fibers Family
Bill, Laurel, Travis, Sara, Kyle, Nathaniel, Aaron, Micah and little Willie Jed too!

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