Wild Fibers Magazine- Spring 2016

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On the cover, young children from Pangong Village on the cover of our annual issue, highlighting the importance of the Cashmere Center in their community and their future. 

Chasing a Dream

Wild Fibers editor, Linda Cortright, looks back on a journey that began in 2007 when she met Konchok Stobgais at a meeting in Central Asia. The story that unfolded in the years since is both inspirational and, at times, unbelievable. 

 Shepherds and Spaceships

Our adventure through Kalmykia (Russia's only Buddhist republic) borders on extra-terrestrial, with a former president who claims to have been abducted by aliens. Kalmykia is also known for their top quality Merinos, which have severely damaged the environment, in part because of Stalin's collective farm system.

 Living in one of "The Last Great Places"

Kalmykia's environmental disaster is the perfect counterpoint to the meticulous care taken to preserve Block Island's pristeen landcscape. North Light Fiber Mill is the island's only manufacturer, working in conjunction with several international organizations - and a kangaroo or two - outside its back door.

 Got Yak?

Bijou Basin has become synonymous with America's favorite yak yarn, but owners Carl and Eileen Koop don't know how to knit. Escaping the less than bucolic landscape of northern New Jersey more than 30 years ago, the Koops knew they loved the great outdoors, they just didn't know they would also learn to love fibers. 

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