Warm Days, Cool Knits


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Are you looking to develop a versatile, any-climate wardrobe? Then you’re going to love this premier knitwear collection from Florida based designer Corrina Ferguson. In the pages of Warm Days, Cool Knits, you’ll discover inspired designs that are not limited to cold and snowy climates!

Within this gorgeous assemblage of knitted garments and accessories, Corrina shares knitwear patterns appropriate for each southern season. It’s a really unique and fresh approach to adding to your knitted wardrobe. In the South, cardigans and hoodies stand in for winter coats; knitted tees and short-sleeve cardigans are perfect for spring; tanks and cropped cardis are comfortable on warm summer nights; and pullovers and shawls are just right in fall.

Through her choice of lightweight yarns and bold colors, Corrina has set these pieces apart from the crowd of everyday knitted garments and shows them off as a versatile knitted southern wardrobe that you will love to make and wear. Textured, cabled, lace stitch techniques lead to fashionable closet staples that are fresh and wearable. There is truly something for everyone in this colorful, lightweight, and stylish collection!

Format: Paperback

Number Of Pages: 144

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