Soft Undyed Merino Roving- 7lb Special for Knitted Blankets

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You've seen the trend on social media and perhaps you have even had the pleasure of curling up next to one in real life! Arm Knitted Blankets are so simple to make. Not only are they ridiculously quick to make but these chunky blankets create a beautiful cozy centerpiece in any room of the house! All you need is approx 7lbs of continuous roving, which we happen to have on sale right now! With 7lbs you should be able to make an adult size blanket that is approx 60x80 inches. Or you could make Knitted pillows, scarves, cowls, baby blankets, rugs, your imagination is the limit. Click Here For a Superwash Version of this product.

Why Superwash? Because you can wash the fiber without it shrinking or felting!

This is the blanket Rachel Completed in the how to videos! Notice the minimal Pilling and Shedding? HAZAA! Rachel used Non Superwash Merino Wool so that she could slightly felt the roving to resist pilling over time. ( UPDATE- the blanket has shown minimal pilling over the coarse of 3 months with constant contact with humans ) 

Rachel has made a video series going over the steps needed to create an arm knitted blanket:

1.Preparing the roving

2.Casting on/ Binding off

3.Arm Knitting Essentials

4.Tips and Tricks

Click here to watch this series!

This roving will ship to you in ONE CONTINUOUS piece, free of vegetable matter, cleaned with carded preparation in roving form, ready to use on your GIANT pair of needles or your arms! You will be amazed at the high quality and extremely soft texture of this 64 (bradford) count Merino. You can choose to slightly felt it (recommended) or use the roving as is.

Merino is one of the most vastly used wools in the industry because of its incredible warmth to weight ratio. Meaning it weighs less and warms more, while having moisture wicking properties and a finer micron count (21.5)  which creates a smooth and incredibly soft wool. Perfect for ARM KNITTED BLANKETS! 

Watch Rachel go through some of the steps to get you started on your arm knitted blanket above.

Type: Fiber

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