The Ashford Book of Needle Felting By Barbara Allen


The Ashford Book of Needle Felting By Barbara Allen

Explore the unlimited potential of needle felting.  With this knitting tutorial create your own adorable figures, beautiful flowers, and scenes, striking jewelry and embellishments all in flat or sculpted felt.  With just a little wool, you can create unique, beautiful felted works of art.  If you haven't tried needle felting, here is a book to inspire you.  Barbara, a popular teacher and author, explains and illustrates all of the techniques, materials and equipment needed.  For each projects there are step-by-step instructions and full  color photographs of each process.  There are projects for beginners and skilled felters and each project builds on the knowledge gained.  By the book's end you will be experienced  and confident to create your own masterpiece or try one of Barbara's beautiful gallery pieces.  These needle felting books provide all the pattern templates for the projects.  112 pages full color


112 pages

1. Introduction
2. Materials and Equipment
3. Techniques and Tips
4. Project 1 – Butterfly Brooch
5. Project 2 – Child’s Jersey
6. Project 3 – Teddybear
7. Project 4 – Vest
8. Project 5 – Danish Pastry
9. Project 6 – Tote Bag
10. Project 7 – Beagle
11. Project 8 – Iris Blooms
12. Project 9 – French Street Scene
13. Project 10 – Camel
14. Project 11 – Poppies
15. Project Patterns

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