Taking Flight Shawlette Kit

Knit One, Crochet Too

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Taking Flight Shawlette kit includes 1 skein of Kettle Tweed and 2 skeins of Elfin Tweed yarn. Also includes Taking Flight Shawlette Pattern 2040.

Coordinating colors of Tweed combine to make a colorful and textured triangle shawlette. Taking flight features Knit One Crochet Too Kettle Tweed and Elfin Tweed Yarn.

Completed Shawlette Measures: approx. 19" top to bottom x 56" across

Amethyst (Kettle Tweed) 4697: Olive (Elfin Tweed) 1546, Berry Heather (Elfin Tweed) 1261

Clematis (Kettle Tweed) 4275: Periwinkle (Elfin Tweed) 1795, Moss (Elfin Tweed) 1525

Spruce Moss (Kettle Tweed) 4569: Amethyst (Elfin Tweed) 1743, Moor (Elfin Tweed) 1553

Type: Kits

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