Super Socks Kit


The Super Sock Kit have everything you need to make a pair of socks in our favorite featured Yarn of The Month Club Yarn. Kit includes a fabulous Limited Edition Sock Pattern by Sara Morris. Shibui/ Tika Socks

Basic Kits Include-

1 Hadaki Zip Carry-All Pod (12 in. x 0.5 in. x 9 in.) Cassandra ZigZag

1 set of Kollage Square Circular knitting needles. Size US2 40"

1 Knitters Helper Row Counter (color randomly selected)

1 Paradise Fibers Notepad with Paradise Fibers Pen

1 Skein of either Fairy Fine Sock- Righteous ( 100% Superwash Wool, 490 Yards,100g, 3 Ply)

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