Snuggles Project - Animal Shelter Blanket Patterns

Snuggles Project - Animal Shelter Blanket Patterns

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Join the Snuggles Project founded by Rae French with Paradise Fibers and use your crafting skills to knit or crochet “security blankets” to be... Read More


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Join the Snuggles Project founded by Rae French with Paradise Fibers and use your crafting skills to knit or crochet “security blankets” to be donated to our local animal shelter here in Spokane, Wa. Homeless dogs and cats in need of love and comfort will be given Snuggles and blankets to help ease their time in the shelter. The Snuggles Project has provided easy-to-follow Free Knit, Crochet, and Sewn Patterns on their site for you to choose from. Use Acrylic, Cotton, or a durable blend of Acrylic and Wool Yarn to complete your Snuggles for an animal in need. (See notes below for FAQs regarding measurements and material.)

This is an opportunity for those of you who have previously downloaded our Australian Wildlife Aid Patterns and Kits to donate to a local cause in need of immediate donations. Australia has received an overflowing amount of love and crafted donations, and the Animal Rescue Collective has put a temporary HALT on accepting crafts as they take stocktake of their current inventory. Admins of the ARC and ARCCG groups have requested we seek out local shelters and donate to our local homeless dogs and cats who are in need of love and comfort. 

We will still be accepting your Australian Wildlife Donations, but if you would like to knit or crochet a “Snuggle” from the Snuggles Project pattern list we will be accepting those as well. The Acrylic and Cotton Australian Wildlife Kits will work for Snuggles, and you can also use scrap yarn in your own stash. 

Want to donate directly to the Snuggles Project?

Shelters need help with material costs, adoption and foster care fees, and other overhead costs. Follow this link to donate directly to the Snuggles Project and their General Project Fund and/or Keep Snuggling Fund. We ask that you note on your donation that you are doing so through our page, so they can keep track of the donations from our efforts.


Give a Little, Get a Little:

To express our appreciation for your time and effort, these donations will also be part of our Wildlife Aid Drawing. We will be holding a drawing after March 2 for a Mystery Yarn or Fiber Basket and a $100 Paradise Fibers Gift Card. Winners will be posted on our Instagram page. Please make sure to postmark your finished Snuggles by FEBRUARY 22 to ensure inclusion in the drawing.


Approximate Snuggle sizes and Yarn Yardage (Worsted Acrylic, Cotton, or Acrylic/Wool Blend):

  • 14" x 14" for cats and small animals - 201yd 
  • 24" x 24" for cats and small to medium dogs - 591yd
  • 36" x 36" for medium to large dogs - 1329yd


    Your FREE Digital Pattern Collection includes:

    A selection of 7 Knit and 7 Crochet Patterns from the Snuggles Project’s website. 14 total!

    Crochet: Back to Basics Snuggle, One-Two ChaChaCha Snuggle, Patchwork Pet Mat, Snuggle Pillow, Snuggle Play Ball, Snuggle Tubbie

    Knit: Alternative Fisherman's Rib Snuggle, Bamboo Knit Snuggle, Easy Knit Snuggle, Seed Stitch Snuggle, Snug Harbor Knit Snuggle, Snuggle Bunting, Snuggle Tubbie

    For more patterns please follow the links below.


     basket of hearts snuggle tubbie crochet snuggle tubbie one two chachacha snuggle patchwork rugsnuggle pillow snuggles toy ball knit snuggle bunting knit snuggle tubbie knit snuggle tubbie seed stitch snuggle


    What do you need to do?

    1. Download the FREE Snuggles Project patterns and choose Acrylic, Cotton, or Acrylic/Wool yarn from your stash or our site.
    2. Knit or crochet as many Snuggles for our local dogs and cats as you desire.
    3. Label your finished Snuggles with their dimensions and/or pattern used and the material. Use either masking tape or plastic bags with the label written on the outside.
    4. If you are also sending back Australian Wildlife Aid donations, please note which cause you are donating your crafts too. Snuggles Project or Australian Aid.
    5. Mail your package by FEB 22 to Paradise Fibers, 225 W Indiana Ave. Spokane, WA 99205 to be included in our drawing.
    6. Rest a bit easier knowing your knit or crochet project will be loved and used by an animal in need of snuggles.

    Pattern FAQs:

    For more information about the Snuggles Project,
    visit or
    contact Hugs Society (

    FAQs from The Snuggles Project Website:

    What is a Snuggle?

    The official definition of a Snuggle is "a security blanket for shelter animals." The term "security blanket" is based on the psychological effects it provides to the animals. A Snuggle can be used as a blanket, mat, or bed. The primary purpose of the Snuggle is to provide physical and psychological comfort at a time when the animal feels the most vulnerable and hopeless. It could possibly be the last piece of comfort an animal may feel in his life. It is the intent and purpose of the Snuggles Project to make sure that each and every shelter animal has this comfort to help them get through this period in their life.

    Participants in the Snuggles Project should be aware that a “Snuggle” is an animal bed/mat/blanket which is created with the intention of donating to a shelter to provide comfort and security to a homeless pet.

    What kind of yarn can Snuggles be made with?

    Ideally, acrylic or cotton is the easiest for shelters to clean.
    Wool has a tendency to shrink in the hot water washings, can begin to felt in odd ways, and can maintain odors and grime which gives them a very limited usage life. What we have found is that if you combine wool with another strand of acrylic the end result is much better and more usable.
    You can also use fabric strips to make Snuggles. These make a strong mat which is useful in the concrete kennels.

    What are the guidelines for filling a sewn Snuggle?

    When filling Snuggles, you must take care that the Snuggles are not easily opened. Use layers of material (such as flannel or terry cloth) for filling. Polyester or cotton batting is not recommended as the batting is easily torn out by a hyperactive animal. Most shelters will not accept Snuggles filled with batting as it is too messy and may cause health problems for the animals if the animal should get at the batting.

    But we have found a nice way around this: double stitch the hems and stitch over the snuggle with a cross-hatch or other pattern. This will hold the snuggle together and the shelters will accept these without a problem.

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