Scheepjes Grannyblokspanner (Blocking Board)


Blocking, for some, can be a nightmare. Thanks to Scheepjes and this beautifully designed blocking board, aka Grannyblokspanner in the Netherlands, makes blocking your crocheted or knitted shapes much more enjoyable and simple! 

These wooden blocking boards are a sturdy block that measure 30cm square and 2.54cm thick. Each board comes with a carrying bag and a set of 8 pins that are 10cm each (extra sets of 4 can be purchased separately if needed.) The steel pins used for blocking have a smooth plastic coating so your work wont get snagged while blocking. The possibilities are truly endless with the simple design of this blocking board. Multiple items can be blocked at the same time in a multitude of shapes and sizes, depending on the dimensions of the work that needs blocking. For projects requiring multiple squares or shapes this blocking board is the perfect companion for such an endeavor, saving you hours of hassle. Perfect to go along with the Scheepjes 2016 CAL!!! 


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