Schacht Ladybug Spinning Wheel LB6601


The Ladybug Spinning Wheel LB6601 by Schacht

THIS IS OUR FLOOR MODEL SPECIAL! slightly used, still works great! All sales final. 

12.5 LBS

Double Treadle

Spinning Ratios= 7:1, 9:1, 10.5:1, 12.5:1

Orifice Size= .375 Inch

Double Drive

Ash Wood

Portable- Non Folding

Included Accessories: poly drive band, threading hook, medium whorl, and double drive band. standard flyer with bobbin


Spinning is a hobby that many people enjoy. This hobby is all the more enjoyable when a person is working with a high quality spinning wheel. The Ladybug spinning wheel is a favorite with dedicated spinners for many reasons. The following outlines some of the reasons why the Schacht Ladybug spinning wheel is so popular with our shoppers.

First, the Ladybug spinning wheel is portable. There are occasions when a person needs to transport his or her spinning wheel to another location. For example, a person who belongs to a spinning group may choose to take his or her Schacht Ladybug spinning wheel to meetings. The portability of the Schacht Ladybug spinning wheel makes it possible for a group member to transport it with ease. Also, the portability of the Schacht Ladybug spinning wheel is convenient for individuals who like to travel and enjoy some quality spinning time along the way. This lightweight spinning wheel provides owners with the appealing option of spinning in different environments.

Another popular feature of the Ladybug spinning wheel is the efficient performance of the wheel itself. Regardless of a spinner’s speed, the wheel of the Schacht Ladybug spinning wheel performs with smooth efficiency. Spinners who purchase the Schacht Ladybug spinning wheel will find it consistent in its quality of performance. After all, a dedicated spinner deserves a spinning wheel that works as hard as he or she does!

The treadles of the Ladybug spinning wheel are a couple of its best features! The treadles of the Schacht Ladybug spinning wheel are large enough for a spinner to find his or her most comfortable position for work. With the Ladybug spinning wheel, a spinner doesn’t have to worry about his or her feet slipping off the treadles. The treadles offer a spinner plenty of room to get comfortable and start spinning!

The sturdy construction of the Ladybug spinning wheel is another one of its impressive qualities. Naturally, dedicated spinners want to focus on their spinning work. They shouldn’t have to worry about the device shifting or tipping. The quality design of the Schacht Ladybug spinning wheel allows spinners the opportunity to focus on their work.

Schacht’s Ladybug spinning wheel is both a practical and attractive item to have in a sewing area. Many spinners like the appearance of the red wheel on the Schacht Ladybug. The bright color makes their spinning time all the more pleasurable. The appearance of the Schacht Ladybug proves that a spinning wheel doesn’t have to be plain-looking to be useful.

The Ladybug spinning wheel by Schacht is made for spinners who love to lose themselves in their work. The smooth action of the wheel makes the Schacht Ladybug a pleasure to work with. Expert spinners and beginning spinners alike appreciate the convenient, user-friendly features of the Ladybug spinning wheel.

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