S10 Double Treadle Louet Spinning Wheel 1.105


S10DT (Double Treadle version of the S10)
The demand for double treadle wheels was so strong we adapted our original classic with a true double treadle system similar to the S51DT system. Clear lacquered.

The original Louet with minor modifications to keep it on the leading edge of spinning technology. The S10's careful design has proven to be an ideal wheel for beginners and experts alike. Sturdy construction makes it a suitable wheel for production spinners. The single hole in the wheel leads to a balanced flywheel, which ensures that the wheel always stops in the place that you stop. Constructed with solid lacquered wood. Accessories available for the S10 include: skeinwinder, distaff, a four bobbin lazy kate, high speed bobbin, fatcore bobbin, flyers, and various spareparts.

The original Louët wheel S10 is made of lacquered
solid beech and laminated birch. The S10 is available
as a single or double treadle DT). Three bobbins and
a lazy kate are included with each wheel.
• Main wheel: Ø 50 cm (19 3/4”)
• Ratios: 1: 5.5, 1:7.5, 1:10.5
• Orifice: Ø 12 mm, height from the ground 70 cm (27
• Weight: 6 kg (13 lb)
Accessories: extra bobbins, high speed bobbin and
matching flyer, high speed fat core bobbin, bulky bobbin
and matching flyer, stand-alone foldable skeinwinder,
stand-alone lazy kate with adjustable brake
for four bobbins, extra lazy kate for two bobbins (for
S10DT only)

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