Rickwood Columbia/Rambouillet Pin Drafted Domestic Wool- 4oz. Bundle

Rickwood Farm

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This local to Paradise Fibers, farm grown and raised wool is a hearty blend of Columbia and Rambouillet fiber. Cleaned, carded, and pin drafted at fiber processor that is just miles from our shop, this blend will be perfect for all levels of spinners. Beginners should be a little careful with the shorter staple length, however, the just right feel of the wool is not too soft to make spinning difficult and not too course to make yarn spun from this unwearable. 50% Columbia Wool, 50% Rambouillet. Domestic, carded, natural undyed, cream/ecru, 26 Micron, 3-4 inch staple length.

If you're looking for a great way to support local farmers, this springy blend is a great place to start.

Type: Fiber

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