Regia Leather Slipper Soles


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Regia Leather Slipper Soles are a wonderful addition to our slipper sole collection. These soles are measured approximately by the inch as well as in EU sizes. The soles come with a pattern to make a pair of moccasins and instructions for attaching the soles to other knit or crocheted socks, boots, or slippers. For an added bit of comfort the soles have a wonderfully squishy foam pad that keeps your feet feeling great.

 32/33- approximately 8.5", XS womans

34/35- approximately 9", S womans

38/39- approximately 9.5", M womans

42/43 - approximately 11", XL womans/M man

44/45 - approximately 11.5", L man


Type: Accessories

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