Paradise Fibers 100% Yak Down Clouds (4 oz bag)

Paradise Fibers

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The Downy undercoat fiber produced by Yaks, a long haired bovine mainly found in the Himalayan region, the Tibetan plateau and some areas of Mongolia and Central Asia.

This is the finest fiber of 3 different fiber types on the yak. It has not been carded, but is de-haired, perfect to use in place of Quiviut (16-20 microns) and is generally shed by the animal during late spring/early summer period. Yak down has been proven to outperform sheep wool in a number of areas: Warmth, Softness, Breath-ability, and Odor-resistant. Yak fiber wool has been utilized by nomads in the Tran-Himalayan region for over a thousand years to make clothing, tents, ropes, and blankets. This is premium quality Yak down that will lend itself to luxurious creations. We offer it in three beautiful options. White (bleached), Light Brown, and Dark Brown. 

Type: Fiber

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