Paradise Fibers White Egyptian Cotton Top

Paradise Fibers

White Egyptian Cotton is a non-lustrous, short plant fibre. This is one of the longer varieties. Cotton was first spun by use of machinery in England in 1730! Developments in spinning machinery in 1730-1793 paved the way to make cotton the most important natural fiber in the world! 

The cotton fibers comes from the fruit of the cotton plant. Cotton is the white, downy fibrous substance covering the seed of the cotton plants. The seeds with this covering are encased in pods which grow on the cotton plant and burst open when ripe, disclosing the white, downy covering of the seed subsequently grown into cotton fibers. the manufacturing process of cotton are opening, picking, carding, combing, drawing, roving and spinning. The cotton fiber in the shortest of all the textile fibers. It's length varies from 8-10th of an inch to 2 inches. It absorbs moisture quickly and dries quickly. Comfortable both in warm and cool weather. It can stand frequent laundering. The cotton fiber contains about 90 percent cellulose and 6 percent moisture. The remaining consists of natural impurities. This fiber is relatively strong due to its natural twisted nature, as it helps to keep the yarn firm and strong. It also makes easier to spin it into long threads. Better conductor of heat than silk and wool. EXCELLENT for SUMMER CLOTHING!

Type: Fiber

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