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     This wool comb holder is a great way to make your combing go faster and easier. Just slide in your Paradise Fibers Double Row Wool Combs and attach the Paradise Fibers Hold It Hooks (each sold separately) to this product and you'll be ready to comb through your fleeces quickly without your combs flopping around and the need for you to hold them down by hand to get the job done.  

Simply attach the holder to a table or bench with our Hold it Hooks, widest gap is 3 1/4". Then wrap the small section of the handle on your Paradise Fibers double row wool combs with the leather strap, push the handle into the hole, tighten the holding screw and load it up with wool.  Now use both hands to comb the fibers from the stationary comb. 

     We make these holders here at Paradise Fibers and they work great with our combs. We used the Standard Wool Combs in the video on our wool page. Hole Diameter on comb holder is just over an inch. When used with our hold it hooks the max length the hooks can hold onto is 3 1/4" gap. 

     Combs Not Included. 

They Can be found right here

UPDATE: As of 1/2017 the Paradise Fibers Standard Hand Combing Pad/Comb Holder will feature a hole on each end to be paired with the Hold it Hooks. 


Anybody who "knows" Paradise Fibers Fiber Tools, will tell you they are beautifully built, paying attention to details and durability.

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