Paradise Fibers Spinzilla 2016 Fiber Packs

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Join Team Paradise Fibers Spinners! Registration runs from September 1st to September 30th. We've put together these fabulous fiber packs for our team members to spin during this exciting event. If you haven't registered yet, don't worry. Any Spinner of any skill level can join! Register Today at


The cost to participate in Spinzilla is $10 per spinner, 100% of this registration fee is donated to Needle Arts Mentoring Program (NAMP).

Any Spinner of any skill level can join!

Join our Team Paradise Fibers Spinners and join our discussion on Ravelry by clicking here

● The team that spins the most yardage wins the team competition!!!!

Here you will find 4 different fiber packs for the beginner and advanced spinner alike. Each Fiber Pack is broken down below. Consisting of our personal favorites as well as our best sellers! Each Fiber Pack will Include 10g of Gold Angelina and 2oz of Faux Cashmere as an added bonus!

Fiber Pack One- Scrumptious Silk

1oz of Brilliantly dyed Tussah Silk- Jonquil

8oz of Constellation Range Merino Silk Blend in the colors LEO and VIRGO (4oz of each)

4oz of Multi Colored Pulled Recycled Sari Silk

Fiber Pack Two- Mouthwatering Merino

8oz of 64 count Undyed Merino

8oz of 64 count Undyed Superwash Merino

4oz of Dyed Glitzy Wool- Amber

8 oz of Solid Colored Merino Top in the Colors RUBY and FLAMINGO (4 oz of each)

4oz of Multi Colored Merino- Thistle

Fiber Pack Three-  Eclectic & Exotic Beaten Path Blends

4oz of Merino/Depigmented Yak Down/Cultivated Silk a 60/20/20 blend

8oz of Sonera- Superwash Merino/Rose/Bamboo/Tencel/Faux Cashmere (stretched nylon) a 50/13/12/12/13 blend

2oz of Midnight Milky Way- Fine Merino Wool/Mohair/Silk/Angelina a 86/10/2/2 blend

8oz Serenity- Shetland/Mulberry Silk/Rose/Faux Cashmere (stretched nylon) a 56/15/15/14 blend

Fiber Pack Four- Valiant Variety 

4oz White Tencel

4oz Humbug Finn

4oz Red Mohair

4oz Yak Down

Happy Spinzilla 2016! :)

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