Paradise Fibers Spinning Wheel S.O.S Kit

Paradise Fibers

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This amazing little case is definitely a must have for any spinner. Packed full of all of the items you could ever need in an “Oh Shoot!” moment, the Spinning Wheel S.O.S kit will live up to its name. Each item is essential to mending a wheel back to health when you’re in a bind. Break a footman connector? No problem, a little super glue and you’ll be spinning till your new footman arrives. Polycord drive band explode? We’ve got you covered with enough stretchy drive band material, a book of matches, and a candle to create another. Cotton or hemp drive band hanging by a thread? Just grab your S.O.S kit and use the hemp drive band material to fashion another. Scotch Tension spring go missing, or maybe “borrowed” by another spinner? That’s okay! You’ve got 2 springs and a tension break band in your S.O.S Kit ready to go.

The Spinner’s S.O.S kit also comes in a convenient case that snaps closed for easy storage. Just throw it in your spinning bag or basket without worry.

     This Item No Longer Comes With A Lighter. 

The Spinner's S.O.S Kit includes the following items:

  • Orifice Hook
  • Single Drive Band Material (polycord/stretchy)
  • Double Drive Band (hemp)
  • Candle
  • Scotch Tension Brake Band and Springs
  • Premium Spinning Wheel Oil
  • Scissors
  • Super Glue

Type: Kits

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