Paradise Fibers Special HUMBUG Finn Wool (1lb bag)

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Finn Sheep were originally imported to North America to use in cross-breeding programs and increase the lambing percentage of commercial flocks. A medium wool with a micron count from 24-31 and a staple length from 3-6 inches. Suitable for hand-spinning and knitting of outer garments such as sweaters, socks, hats, etc. 

Finn is an exceptional wool for spinning and treasured in felting projects as well. Finn wool can be used for traditional (wet) felting, needle-felting, and fulling projects. Finn wool has a soft hand and beautiful luster (shine) otherwise only found in the long-wooled breeds, which are often courser. It is also softer to the touch than other medium, wool's with the same micron count. Once you have experienced Finn wool, you may find it's your favorite for hand-spinning! 


Type: Fiber

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