Paradise Fibers Solid Colored Flax/Linen Top (8oz bag)

Paradise Fibers

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Introducing a new line of solid dyed Flax/Linen Top Fiber. Natural plant fiber with a natural sheen and a long strong staple length. At Paradise Fibers you will find nearly every plant fiber available on the market. From Cotton to Seacell, Corn fiber to Rose Fiber. All in their natural undyed form. These dyed flax rovings are introducing a new trend with Paradise Fibers, Brilliantly dyed plant fibers ready to spin as is or blend with other fibers to create interesting and unique creations! This addition to Paradise Fibers Cellulose and Bast fibers is a true gem. Once spun it can be woven into fabrics, knitted/crocheted into summer garments. Spin finely and you'll have beautiful lace to be knitted or crocheted into table clothes, curtains, etc. . . This fiber will soften as you handle it.

Click Here to see this fiber in it's natural form and to read about how this fiber is harvested! 

Type: Fiber

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