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Paradise Fibers Navajo Spindle. These beautiful handmade Navajo Spindles are a delight to use. From the Novice, to the professional these spindles will do the job. There are two different types of Spindles: a Supported. Which uses a cup, the ground, or maybe even the carpet in your house. The second is known as suspended spinning. You may know it better as a drop spindle, where the yarn you're creating holds up the Spindle. The Paradise Fibers Navajo Spindle uses both of these methods. Although it’s generally a supported spindle due to its weight. The Navajo Spindle is a larger, heavier spindle ideally used for producing a thicker, heavier, or novelty yarn. or as in Navajo culture it's used in creating the yarn for their blankets. Some evidence shows the Navajo Spindle being used for spinning fiber as early as 5000 BC.

Anybody who "knows" Paradise Fibers Fiber tools, will tell you they are beautifully built, paying attention to details and durability.

Type: Spindles

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