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This fiber is ideal for blending with other fibers. Merino, Alpaca, Angora, etc...The possibilities are nearly endless. This natural tussah silk has not been bleached so it has a natural golden tint to it. Very soft fiber that holds its shape and wont fall apart when handling. There are two types of silk- cultivated and wild.  Mulberry Silk is cultivated and the worms are fed strictly mulberry leaves. Cultivated silk is typically finer, stronger, smoother and more uniform. Tussah silk is wild and the worms eat whatever they can find which affects the color and texture. Tussah silk is still very beautiful but has less luster and is not as strong as the cultivated and not as smooth. Ideal for adding texture to blends or using in felted soap projects. Dyes beautifully!!

This is a combed top prepared into a roving with a long staple length of 5-8 inches! 

 EXTRA BLEACHED- This is a wild silk which means the silk worms had a steady diet of well, any and all vegetation. As opposed to Mulberry silk, with which the silk worms only eat mulberry leaves.

Tussah silk adds texture and soaks up color beautifully.

This fiber is very strong and lustrous.

Add Tussah Silk to your batts or punis.

Tussah Silk will add a beautiful sheen and texture to your projects.

The natural color of this silk is a honey color, but this silk has been EXTRA Bleached so it is white and ready for optimal dying.


However you choose to use this fiber, this is a great deal for quality fiber!

Type: Fiber

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Good stuff

I haven't used this batch yet, but in the past I've spun directly from the top with a hand spindle and with a wheel, turning it into 2ply and Andean 3ply. I've dyed it both in the top and as spun yarn. Planning to use the new batch, picked and/or carded with wool and mohair previously dyed.

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