Paradise Fibers Ingeo Corn Top (4 oz bag)


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This is one for all you adventurous spinners! 

To turn corn into fiber, manufacturers extract a plant sugar called dextrose from the plant fibers. Next, they ferment the corn sugar and distill it, using the same process used to make beer, and then extract the lactic acid that is produced. The lactic acid forms a long chain, or polymer, called PolylacticAcid. These fibrous clouds are then carded or combed into a beautiful shiny, silky roving. The texture is similar to cton or even silk, depending on how it is spun, and is less dense than cotton or wool! This fiber is ideal for lighter weight garments. Great for socks, shirts, underwear, even dresses and jackets! This plant based fiber is biodegradable, breathable, high wickability and good flame resistance. Requires less carbon to produce thus making it ECO-friendly! Corn fiber has more resilience and crimp than cotton, making the resulting yarn or fabric springier, and easier on the hands to knit with. 

Low odor retention and good moisture management. It has a fluid drape and is easy to care for. Quick drying like soy fiber, it also has demonstrated increased soil release properties in the industry washing tests, so stains don't easily set as with cotton. 

Dye this fiber as you would any protein fiber, It will soak up the dye beautifully! 

Corn is abundant! This renewable natural fiber is simply divine! Try it out for yourself!

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