Paradise Fibers Fine Denier White Nylon Roving (4 oz bag)


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The miracle fiber! 

Nylon is renowned for it's durability, which is a direct result of it's flexibility and elastic recovery properties. Where would we be without nylon? Brought to the consumer world after its invention in 1938 as the first synthetic fiber. Most popularly used in stockings and socks and military wear. Now, many people blend this miracle fiber with endless variations including wool and alpaca to create garments that last. Nylon comes in all kinds of denier and is used in a multitude of ways. After 65 years of intense and continuous use throughout the world, nylon remains the most ever produced fiber and by far the most popular. This Nylon roving is of a fine denier and is ideal for use as a blending fiber or spun as is. With a staple length of 3-4 inches and a micron count of 21.5 this fiber is the softest nylon in the land! Dye it up and create your own color ways!  

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