Paradise Fibers Double Row Combing Hackles


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Here we have Paradise Fibers New Combing Hackle. we're offering a 6", 12", and an 18" wide (working area). It's carefully made of Solid Maple. The double row of tines are 3/32 in diameter, set 1/4' on center and protrude 3 5/8 & 3 3/8. That's a 1/4' difference. It's finished with an Oil Urethane blend that not only enhances it's beauty but protects as well. Each tine is handset with a drop of glue and are the same tines we use in our combs. Can be easily attached to your table with C-clamps. Works great to comb a lot of fiber fast. Our Hackle Would be great for de-hairing double coated fleeces or you could create rovings by diz'ing right off the hackle. Number of tines: 6" - 49. 12" - 97, 18" - 145. Max width: 6" - 10", 12" - 16". 18" - 22". Max height on each end for clamps is: 3/4" if you had a 1" thick table. you would need the 2" clamps.

Anybody who "knows" Paradise Fibers Fiber tools, will tell you they are beautifully built, paying attention to details and durability.

The With Comb Option adds One Maple Comb. A great option if you only need one comb. If you want to check out our combs, You can find them here.

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