Paradise Fibers De-Haired White Chinese Cashmere Down- 1oz

Paradise Fibers

This Cashmere comes from the downy undercoat of goats that live in the extreme cold of the mountains of Inner Mongolia in China. The fine underhair is brushed out in spring, and those soft hairs that keep the goats warm in -30 degree weather are the fibers that make up cashmere. 

Knit or woven, Cashmere produces long-lasting garments. This cashmere will not pill and will keep warm for years, even generations, getting softer the more it's used. Knit garments can be hand-washed, no dry cleaning impacts. 

This Cashmere Down would make a lovely blend when mixed with house merinos. Spin right out of the bag or blend it up making the softest blend imaginable. 

Type: Fiber

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